Ancestry of actress Alicia Rhett

This is the compiled ancestry of Alicia Rhett, mostly on her fathers side.

She has Barnwell, Middleton and perhaps Gibbes ancestors in common with governor Duncan Clinch Heyward,

She is related to both 2. President of the United States John Adams (through Boylston), his wife Abigail (through Smith/Boylston), and therefor also to their son, 6. President John Quincy Adams. She is also related to the actress Linda Hunt , poet and playwright T. S. Eliot, and astronaut Story Musgrave (through the Boylston family).
Alicia Rhett is related to author DuBose Heyward through Thomas Smith, 2. landgrave, and the creator of the Washington Monument, the architect Robert Mills, who was the great-grandson of Sabina Smith (1699-1734), nr. 65, daughter of  2.  landgrave, in her second marrige to Thomas Taylor.
Alicia Rhett has her Smtih (nr. 64 & 65 Thomas and Sabina Smith), and her Gibbes (nr. 142 & 143) ancestors in common with President of the European Commision, Ursula von der Leyen, whos great-grandmother was american.
Alicia shares her Smith-ancestors (nr. 64 & 65 Thomas and Sabina Smith) with actor Rene Auberjonois (1940-2019), and his son, actor Remy Auberjonois.
Finally, Alicia Rhett shares her ancestor nr. 2080, George Smith/Smythe with the late Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, and her sister in law, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

16 generations “Ahentafel”

1st generation
Mary Alicia Rhett, born 1/2 1915 Savannah, Gorgia. Died on 3/1 2014 Charleston,  S.C.
Actress (India Wilkes in Gone with the Wind). Portrait painter.

2nd generation
2-3. Edmund M. Rhett,  born  on 7/4 1877-1918, (American Army officer and engineer based in Savannah) and  Isobell Beatrice Murdoch  (immigrant from Ireland*), born 16/1 1890 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. She died 28/4 1967.
(*according to this source, her ancestry is english, not irish).

3rd  generation
4-5. Alfred Moore Rhett, born in October 1829 in South Carolina. Died 12/11 1889. Col. “the commander of the 1st South Carolina Artillery” for most of the American Civil War. He was educated at Harvard, was a colonel in the Confederate army and commanded Fort Sumter when it was unsuccessfully attacked by the Monitor Fleet, and until 1863, when it ceased to be an artillery post of importance. He was a well-known pigeonlist. The most noted affair in which he got engaged was a deadly duel in 1863 with Colonel Ransom Calhoun of South Caroline. After the war, he was police chief in Charleston, and for critical political connections he was appointed by Govs. Hampton and Simpson, as a State Constable. He was a brother of R. Barnwell Rhett Jr., one time editor of Charleston Mercury, and later of New Orleans Picayune.
On 14/8 1866 he married Marie Alice Sparks, born 25/3 1848. Died 1918.

6-7. William Henry Murdoch, born 16/8 1865 in Liverpool, England. He died 21/9 1912. He was married to Mary Jane Rankin, born 20/10 1859 in Liverpool. Died after 1920.

4th generation
8-9. Robert Barnwell Rhett (born Smith),  born 21 February 1800 in Beaufort, South Carolina. Died 14/9 1876. South Carolina Statesman. He was South Carolina Attorney General in 1832 and a member of Congress from 1837 to 1847 and became a U.S. senator, serving from 1850 to 1852. Several years before the Civil War, he became a major advocate for secession from the United States. When South Carolina joined the Confederacy in 1861, he became a member of the Confederate Provisional Congress. He was married to  Elizabeth Washington Burnett, born 2/12 1809 in South Caroline. Died 14/12 1852 in Charleston, South Carolina.  Robert Rhett married Katherine Ann Herbert Dent (1821-1882) in 1854.

10-11. William Alexander Sparks, born 4/10 1817 in Welsh Neck, SC.  Died 19/8 1849  (of Asian cholera). On 31/5 1842 he was married to Alicia Middleton,born 16/1 1824 in Charleston. Died 7/6 1899 in Flat Rock, Henderson County, North Carolina.
Dr William Alexander Sparks, born April 4. 1925, died January 22 2015 He died on October 19, 1817, on 19 October 1817. They shall be 180 000 000 000 000 He attended Columbian College in Washington and graduated from Yale University in 1834. He then studied medicine at the Medical College of South Carolina in Charleston and then in Paris. He was appointed consul in Venice by President Polk in 1845 and died there of Asian cholera on 19 December 1845. They shall be 180 000 000 000 000 His body was taken to Society Hill for burial. After Dr. Spark’s death, his widow married in 1853 as her second husband, General Roswell S. Ripley. She died in Flat Rock, North Carolina, in June 1899, in her 75th year. Years.

12-13. George Murdoch, born ca. 1827 in Scotland. Died 31/5 1895. Married to Margaret Ellen Dumbell, born 16/3 1838 in Liverpool, England. She died 1867.

5th generation
16-17. James Harvey Smith, born 2/11  1761  Died 10/3  1835. On  22/12 1791 he was married to  Sarah Marianna Gough,  born 1/3  1773. Died 20/10  1837.

18-19. Andrew William  Burnett,  born  1763 in Black Mingo, Williamburg District. Died in March 1814 in Green Meadow Plantation, Colleton, SC. He was married to Elizabeth Washington DeSaussure, born 6/10 1777 in Charleston, South Carolina. Died 1828 in Green Meadow Plantation, Colleton, SC.

20-21. Alexander Sparks,  born 27/9 1780 in Welsh   Neck, Sc. He died on 29/1 1857 in Darlington, South Carolina. He was married to  Jeanette McKarly, born 1791 in Scotland. Died 1871. He was a rich land and slave owner.

22-23. John Middleton, born 1784. Died 6/6 1826.  On 14/6/6  1806  in Long Melford, Suffolk, England he was married to Mary Burroughs,  of Elmore, born 1788 in Hertfordshire, England. Died 5/5 1833 in Charleston. She was 2. married to William R. Smith of Madison County, Virginia. John Middleton was possibly married on May 1, 1945. time with Elizabeth Scott.

26-27. Joseph Dumbell II, born 25/1 1794. Died 24/12 1866. Married to Sarah Makin, born 9/3 1799. Died 20/2 1863.

6th generation
32-33. Thomas Smith, born 7/11 1720 in South Carolina.  Died 21/8 1790 in Charleston, SC.  He was married on 2/8 1744 in Charleston, South Caroline with  Sara Moore, born d. 7/9  1728 November 2017 She died on 14/2  1774. He was a merchant and lived in Broad Street.
Some notes on the Smith family can be found in:
“Evolution of a Federralist, William Loughton Smith of Charleston, 1758-1812” by George C. Rogers Jr.

34-35. Capt.  Richard Gough, born 1745. Died 1796. In May 1772, in London, he married Elizabeth Barnwell, born 19/6 1753 in St. Helena Township, Beaufort, South Carolina. Died 1817 sst.

36-37. Andrew William Burnet Sr., born 1710 in  Scotland. He died 1766 Black Mingo, Williamsburg District, SC, Colonial America.  He married  Sabrina Baxter  (or Sabina Lynch,?) , born 1714 in  Charleston, South Carolina. She died in 1775 in Black Mingo, Williamsburg District, SC.

38-39. Jean Daniel Hector Desaussure, born 4/4 1736. Died on 2/7 1798. He was married to  Mary McPherson, born 4/11 1739. Died 25/12 1815.
Source: Register of Carolina Huguenots, Vol. 1, Bacot – Dupont. By Horry Frost Prioleau, Edward Lining Manigault

40-41. Daniel Sparks, born 1740 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  Died 1810  in Welsh Neck, SC. Slave owner. He became 1st. Gang in  1763 married to Ms. Stephens, born 1745. Died 1774. He was 2. once no later than 1780 married to Martha  Pearce, born October 1762. Died 30/3 1853.

44-45. John Middleton, born 1759. Died 1784. He was married to  Frances Motte, born 1763. Died 1843. She was 2. 1797 married to Thomas Pinckney, 1750-1828 (son of Charles Pinckney and Eliza Lucas).

46-47. J. Burroughs,  Esq, died before 1806. Elmore  House.

54-55. Joseph Makin, born 17/7 1764 in Sutton, England. Died 1834. Married to Jane Mason, born 19/8 1763 in Sutton. Died in june 1835.

7th generation
64-65. Thomas Smith, born 22/4 1691 in Charleston, South Carolina. He died on 3/3 1723 at the same time. He was 27th. 1714 married to Sabina Smith, born 10/5 1699 in Charleston. Died 14/12 1734 in Berkeley, South Carolina. He owned a plantation of 325 “acres” and owned 25 slaves. He also owned 1950 “acres” of uncultivated land. She was 2. married to Thomas Taylor. Thomas Smith was a member of the 1st U.S. “Royal Assembly”. A daughter of Sabina in her 2nd year, she was a 19-year-old daughter. Marriage, Ann, was married to William Mills and the mother of the architect Robert Mills, who designed the Washington Monument.

66-67. Roger Moore, born  24/8  1694. Died  20/10  1751/59. He was married to Catherine Rhett in 1721 , born 4/12 1704. Died 11/6 1745. Rich plantation owner in Goose Creek, South Carolina, later in North Carolina. He was politically active in South Carolina but got into trouble and moved to North Carolina.

70-71. Nathaniel Barnwell, born 1705. Died 1775.  Married 7/4 1738 in Johns Island, Charleston County, South Carolina, with  Mary Gibbes, born 1722. Died 1801.

72-73. ??  Sir Thomas Burnett, 3rd  Baronet, born 1658. Død  1714. “Burnett of Leys.”  He was married to  Margaret Arbuthnot, born 1662. Died 1744. (She e r hardly the mother of Andrew William Burnett, Sr?).,_3rd_Baronet

74-75. Rev. John Baxter  and wife  Sarah.
74-75. Thomas Lynch, born 1675. Died 1752.  He was married in 1715 in Charleston, South Carolina to  Sabina Vanderhorst, born 1691. Died 1773.

76-77. Henri Desaussure, born 18/7 1709 in Lausanne,  Switzerland. Died 1761 in  Coosawachie, South Carolina. In May 1735 in Granville Co., SC, he was married to  Madelaine Brabrant, born circa 1710. Died 1761.
Source: Register of Carolina Huguenots, Vol. 1, Bacot – Dupont. By Horry Frost Prioleau, Edward Lining Manigault

80-81. James Sparks, Jr.,  born around 1705/1710. He  died 1758. He was married to Sarah, who married Anthony Foster in the second time.

88-89. William Middleton, born 1710. Died 7/9 1785.  By Crowfield-Hall, co. Suffolk.  He was 1. married to  Mary Izard, died 1735. He was 2. married to NN. He was third time married to Sarah Wilkinson, who died in 1763.

90-91. Jacob Motte, born 15/10 1729. Died 20/1 1780. He was married to  Rebecca Brewton, born 15/6 1737. Died 10/1 1815.-
Source: Register of Carolina Huguenots, Vol. 3, Marion – Villepontoux

108-109. Joseph Makin, born 1732 in St. Helens, Sutton, England. Died 1816. Married to Mary Howard, born 7/3 1726 in Liverpool, England. Died in March 1823.

8th generation
128-129. Thomas Smith, born 1/7 1665 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He died on 8/9 1690 at sea. On 23/6 1690 he was married to Elizabeth Schenckingh, born 1670 in Christchurch, Barbados. She died on 2/2 1751 in Charleston, South Carolina.

130-131. Thomas Smith, 2. Landgrave, born 1670 in Exeter, Devon, England. He died on 9/5 1738 in Goos Bay, South Carolina. He was 1. born 1672  Anna Cornelia van Myddagh in the Netherlands. Died 1710. He was 2. 1710 married to Mary Hyrne.

132-133. James Moore, born ca. 1650. Died 1706. Governor of South Carolina   1700-1703.  He was married to Margaret Berringer in 1675. .

134-135. Colonel William Rhett, born 4/9 1666 in England. Died 12/1 1723 in South Carolina. He came to South Carolina in 1694 from England. As captain, he went on a pirate hunt on the orders of Governor Robert Johnson, and he caught the famous pirate, Presence Bonnet.  He was married to  Sarah Cooke, born circa 1665. Died  in1745. She was 2. once married to Chief Justice, Nicholas Trott, SC.

142-143. John Gibbes, born 21/6 1696. Died 18/12 1764. On 25/7 1719 he married Mary Woodward, born24/5 1703.

154-155. Dr. Daniel Brabrant, borncirca 1655 in France. Died 1748 in St. John’s Parish, South Carolina. He was married to Mary Magdalen (Madelaine) de Bordeauxin 1686, born circa 1670.
Source: Register of Carolina Huguenots, Vol. 1, Bacot – Dupont. By Horry Frost Prioleau, Edward Lining Manigault

160-161. James Sparks, Sr., born around 1680. Died 1736 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. He was married to Jane..

176-177.  Arthur Middleton, born29/10 1681. He died on 17/9 1737. Governor of South Carolina. He became 1st. married to  Sarah Amory, born 20/10 1690. Died 1722. He was 2. once married to Mary Williams.

180-181. Jacob Motte, born 29/11 1700. Died 17/6 1770. He was married to Elizabeth Martin,born 16/12 1710. Died 9/2 1757.

182-183. Robert Brewton, born 1699. Died 1759. He was married to Mary Griffith in 1727 at the earliest.  ca.  1704. Died 20/11 1761. She was first married to William Loughton (1695-1727 – son of Edmund Loughton and Mary Fairchild).
(Mary and William Loughton was parents in law to Benjamin Smith – brother of nr. 32 Thomas Smith).

9th generation
256-257. Thomas Smith, born 1634 in Charlestown, Massachusetts. In 1663, in Watertown, he was married to Sarah Boylston, born 30/9 1642 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She died on 8/8 1711 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.
(This pair of ancestors are also ancestors of Abigail Smith, wife of the 2nd President of the United States, John Adams, and of their son, the 6th President of the United States, John Quincy Adams.)

258-259. Barnard/Bernard Schenckingh, born 1648 in Christchurch, St. Michaels in Barbados. He died in 1692 in Berkeley, South Carolina. In 1669, in Barbados, he married Elizabeth Moore,born 1650 in Barbados. Died 1704 in Berkeley, South Carolina. Planter. However, sources suggest that Elizabeth was Bernard’s Second World War. Wife and was only mother to son Bernhard, and that a former wife was the mother of Elizabeth and the other siblings.

260-261. Thomas Smith, 1. Landgrave. Born 1648 in Exeter, England. He died in 1694. He arrived at Charles Town (Charleston) in South Carolina in 1684. He was a merchant, planter and surgeon. He was governor of South Carolina from 1693 to 94. In 1667 in Exeter he was married to Barbara Atkins, born on 12/9 1650 in Chard, Somerset, England. She died on 22/3 1687. In 1690 he was a so-called “Cacique” – a local leader, and “The Lord Proprietors” – royally appointed leadership of the colony – appointed Thomas Smith as “Landgrave” in 1691.

266-267. Benjamin Berringer, died c. 1661. He was married to Margaret, who married Sir John Yeamanon2nd time on 11/4 1661, (1611-1674).

268-269. Sir Walter Rhett.

284-285. Robert Gibbes, born 1644. Died 1715. He got married in Barbados on May 1, 1944. nn and 2. time with  Mary. Proprietors Deputy and Governor.

286-287. Dr. Henry Woodward, the first white colonist in South Carolina.

310-311. Jaques de Bourdeaux, born 1630 in Grenoble, France. Died in December 1699 in Carolina. In Grenoble, he married  Madelaine Garillond. Coarse.
Source: Register of Carolina Huguenots, Vol. 1, Bacot – Dupont. By Horry Frost Prioleau, Edward Lining Manigault.

352-353. Edward Middleton, bornca. 10/1 1641. Died 1685. He was married to  Sarah Fowell, born1650. Died after 1685.

360-361. John Abraham Motte, born circa 1667 in Danzig. Died 7/8 1711. He was married to  Sarah Maria Hill,born 18/3 1668. Died 11/2 1757.

10th generation
514-515. Thomas Boylston,  baptized  14/2 1614/15  in  St.  Dionis   Backchurch, London,England. He died on April 4, 1653 in Watertown, Massachusetts. He was married to Sarah who died on 14/9 1704 in  Watertown, Massachusetts. She married 2nd time on 12/3 1654/5 John Chinnerry.
Source: Anecstors of American Presidents by Gary Boyd Roberts.
(This couple are also ancestors of both the 2nd President of the United States, John Adams, as well as his wife Abigail Smith. In addition, film actress Linda Hunt comes from the couple.)

520-521. John Thomas Smith, born 1611 in Exeter, Devon. Died 1666. He was married to Joan Atkins, born 1630 in Chard, Somerset. Died 16/9 1694. She may have married 2nd time Aaron Atkins (no. 522).
Source: (The South Carolina Historical andGenealogical Magazine, Vol. 30, No. 4 (Oct., 1929), pp. 255-258).

522-523. Aaron Atkins, born 1625 in  Chard  Somerset. Died 27/3 1670. He was married to the 1st Century. time with ??, and possibly married 2nd time with Joan Atkins, ancestor no. 521.
Source:( The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Vol. 30, No. 4 (Oct., 1929), pp. 255-258).

11th generation
1028-1029. Edward Boylston, who died 1625 (buried on 22/8 in St. Dionis Backchurch, London). He was a citizen of London and madeabeacon.  tin. He was married to Anne Bastian, born circa 1595. Died 1621 (buried on 11/5 in St. Dionis Backchurch).).
AAP (Ancestors of American Presidents), page 9.

1040-1041. Sir  Nicholas Smith, born 31/7 1575 in Devon. He died on 10/11 1622. He ismarried to Dorothy Horsey, born 1585 in Dorset. Died 11/6 1655. Nicholas Smith was a lawyer, landowner and “Gentleman of the  Privy   Chamber”. He got his degree at Oxford University. He was knighted at James I’s coronation in 1603. He was MP (Member of Parliament) of St  Mawes  in 1614.

1044-1044. Robert Atkins.

1042-1043. John Atkins, born 1600 in  Chard, Somerset. Died 1680. He was married to Marie Pigott.

12th generation
2056-2057. Henry Boylson or Boylston, who died between12 and 15 September1592 in Newton  Solney,  Derbyshire. He was married to ??.
Source: AAP (pagepage 9).

2058-2059. Thomas Bastian  or  Baston, citizen and weaver in London. Died circa 1597. He was married to Sara Wright, 30/11 1588 in St. Andrew  Undershaft,  Born 1559/1560 (baptised 14/2 in St. Andrew  Undershaft). Perhaps dead on 3/11 1607. She was married on 1 January 1645. 2. time with Ralph  Shittleworth. She was 3. married to John Dudley.
Source: AAP (page 9).

2080-2081. Sir George Smith/Smythe  (MP), born circa 1551. Died 21/3 1619. He became 1st. 30/9 1572 in St Martin’s  Church,  Exeter married to Joan Walker, born1550. Died 1597. He was 2. 1598 married grace  viell  (death 1645), widow of Peter  Bevill  of  Killiarth  (daughter of William  Viell  of  Trevorder and wife Jane  Arundell). George  Smith of Madworthy-juxta-Exeter,  and  Madford  House,  Exeter,Devon. He was a merchant and served as MP for  Exeter  in 1604. He was three times mayor of  Exeter and was the city’s richest man. He was  sheriff of   Exeter  1583-84, Mayor 1586-86, 1597-98 and 1607-08. He was knighted in Greenwich on 12/6 1604.
George is in his second marriage ancestor of Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, and of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

2081-2082. Sir Ralph Horsey  of Dorset, born circa 1555/1560. Died 11/11 1612. He was married to Edith Mohun, born circa 1565. Died 1628.

2086-2087. Thomas Pigott, born circa 1534. Died approximately April 1606. He was married to NN.

13th generation
4160-4161. John Smith, born circa 1526 in Borage. Died circa 1581. He was married to Alice Muttleberry, born circa 1525 in Jordans, Buckinghamshire, England.

4162-4163. James Walker  of Exeter, born 1525 in  Exeter. Died 1565. He was married to Grace Tothill, born circa 1527. She was 2. once married to Thomas Bruerton.

4164-4165. Sir George Horsey, born 1530/34. He died in 1587 in Preston, Hertfordshire. He married Mary Periant for the first time. He was born in Digswell, Hershire, England, born in 1540, at the time of Digswell, Herfortshire,England, born  Anne Sadler in 1540. Died 1565.

4166-4167. William Mohun, MP, born circa 1540. Died 6/4 1588. who was married to  Elizabeth Horsey, born around  1540. William Mohun of Hall in the parish of Lanteglos-by-Fowey and Boconnoc, both in Cornwall
He entered lincoln’s inn in 1559 to study law. He was elected MP for St Germans (1563-1567) and Cornwall (April 2, 1571-1529 May 1571). He was appointed Sheriff of Cornwall in 1572 and 1578, knighted in 1583 and then re-elected MP for Cornwall again in 1584 and 1586. He served as Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall from the 8th Ton. August 1586 to 7 August 1586. They shall be published on 15 December 1587.
The Mohun share of the Courtenay heritage included Boconnoc in Cornwall and Okehampton Castle in Devon and other remains of the feudal barony in Okehampton, one of the earliest possessions of Courtenays.

4172-4173. Thomas  Pigott, born circa 1508 in Buckinghamshire, England. Died before 3/5 1564. He was married to Katherine Langston, born about 1512 in Abingdon, Berkshire, England. Died before May 1563.

14th generation
8322-8323. Alexander Muttleberrie (or -bury), born circa 1495 in Jordans, Somerset. He died in 1550.   He was married to  Katherine Bevin, born 1497. Died 1549.

8326-8327. William Tothill, councillor of Exeter. Sheriff of Exeter 1549, Mayor 1552. Hans will is dated 24/8 1557. He was married to Elizabeth Matthew, who diedon 2/5 1584.

8328-8329. Jasper Horsey, born  1498 in Exton, Devon. Died 1545. He was married to Joan Welford/Wellyford,born in 1503, in Exeter,  Devonshire. Died 26/10 1546 or 1558?

8330-8331. Reginald Mohun,  MP,  born c. 1507/8 in Hall in Lanteglos-by-Fowey and Bodinnick. He died on 22/4  1567. He was mp of England for Newport, Cornwall in 1547, Plympton Erle in October 1553, Helston in November 1554, Rye in 1555 and Liskeard in 1559 and 1563. He was married to Jane Trevanion, born circa 1510.

8332-8333. Sir John Horsey,  born  25/7 1510. He died on 30/1 1564. He wasknighted under Henry VIII (adlet on 22/2 1546). He was the Lord of the Manors of Clifton Maubank and South Perrott.
He was as far as it can be seen prone to games and used considerable fortunes. In his father’s will, he is considered “unreliable.” On 14/12 1539 he married Edit Phelips, the widow of John  Stocker  of Poole. He was elected knight of the shire for Dorset in 1533 and “Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset” in 1559.

8344-8344. Thomas Pigott, Esq., born  1478 in Whaddon, Buckinghamshire, England (mask son of Robert Pigott and Margaret Giffard). Died 25/2 1518. He was married to  Elizabeth Iwardby, born 25/8 1475. Died before 6/11 1549.

15th generation
16646-16647. John Bevin, who was married to Elinor Montague/Montacu.

16654-16655. Geoffrey Mathew, Esq. of Vorganwg, Pembrokeshire, born circa 1480. He was married to ?? (great grandson of

16656-16657.  Sir John Horsey, MP ,bornapprox. 1460  in  Dorset. Died 8/7 1531. He was born in 1497 with Elizabeth Turgis, born circa 1468/1478. Died 1535. Owner of, among other things, Clifton Maubank. “Knight of the Shire” for Dorset in 1539.

16660-16661. John Mohun, born around 1470. He died in September 1508. He was married to Anne Coode, born around 1480.

16662-16663. Sir William Trevanion, born 1463 in Trevanion, Cornwall, England. Death d. 29/9 1518. He was married to Anne Edgecumbe, born circa 1473 in Saltash, Cornwall, England.

16664 -16665. Sir John Horsey, born Ca. 1485. He died on 23/12 1546. He willbe knighted by King Henry VIII and owner of  Clifton   Maubank  and  Turges   Melcombe/Melcombe/Melcombe   Horsey. He was a close friend of the poet Thomas Wyatt. He was married to Joan Mawdley of Croscombe, born around 1490 (who was possibly the daughter or akin of John Mawdley, MP, of Wells, Somerset (c. 1467-1540) and wife Joan ? Attwater (Attwater).

16686 -16687. John  Iwardby, born 12/10 1449 in Quainton, Buckinghamshire, England.  Died 22/8 1485. He was married to  Joan Brudenell, born circa 1450. Died after 1477.

16th generation
33294-33295. William Montacu. He was gift with NN Peverell.

33308 -33309. William Mathew, born ca. 1455 at Llandaff Court, Kibbor, Cardiff, Wales. He was married to NN.

33312-33313. Thomas Horsey, Esq., born circa 1415. Died 1469 in Clifton Maybank, Dorset. He was married to Helen FitzJames, born around 1425.

33314 -33315. Richard Turgis/Turges, MP who died 1504 (Turges Melcombe subsequently Turges Horsey). From Dorset. “A justice of the peace and a gentleman usher.”
“The House of Commons, 1509-1558”

33320-33321. William Mohun, born 1440. He married Isabel Cortenay, born circa 1450.

33322-33323. Ricus Coode, born circa 1451. Died 4/6 1528. He was with Anne Battin, born around 1455.

33324-33325. John Trevanion, born c. 1440. He was married to Jennet Treffry, born 1443. She died on 29/9 1518.

33326-33327. Richard Edgecombe, born 1438. Died 7/9 1489. He married Joan Tremayne, born circa 1443. Died after 29/4 1492.

33328-33329. Sir John Horsey, MP, born circa 1460 in Dorset. Died 8/7 1531. He was born in 1497 with Elizabeth Turgis, born circa 1468/1478. Died 1535. Owner of, among other things, Clifton Maubank. “Knight of the Shire” for Dorset in 1539.
Identical to No. 16656 and 16657

33372-33373. Nicholas Iwardby, born circa 1425. Died 2/6 1462. He married Elizabeth Hampden, born 1426. Died 8/12 1466.

33374-33375. Edmund Brudenell, born around 1420. D7/10 1453. He was married to Philippa Englefield, born around 1420. Died before 1469.

The ancestry can be traced further back.