Ancestry of governor Duncan Clinch Heyward

This is the compiled ancestry for Duncan Clinch Heyward, 88th Governor of South Carolina.

He has Middleton and Barnwell, and maybe Gibbes ancestors in common with actress Alicia Rhett, known as “India Wilkes” in “Gone with the Wind from 1939.
He has noble and royal connections through Gignilliat and Overton/Snawsell.


1st generation
Duncan Clinch Heyward, born 24/6 1864 Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, USA. Died 23 Jun 1943 in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, USA. South Carolina Governor. Heyward was orphaned when seven years old and was raised by his maternal grandmother. He was educated in the schools of Charleston and the Cheltenham Military academy in Pennsylvania, then graduated from Washington and Lee University in Virginia. In 1887 he returned to live and farm the land in Colleton County which he had inherited from his father. While living in Colleton County he was made captain of the Combahee Mounted Riflemen and became a member of the Pythias, of the Masons and Odd Fellows. In the Pythians he was made grand chancellor and it was in this position that he formed many warm friendships and ultimately was persuaded to run for Governor. However, he would first have to win the Democrat primary for Governor. He would face fellow Democrat, W. J. Talbert, a former congressman, considered one of the most experienced politicians in the State. Despite his lack of political experience he soundly defeated Talbert in both primaries. Since there was no Republican candidate in the General election he ran unopposed and took office on January 22, 1903. After his two year term expired he was again nominated for Governor, this time without opposition. During his second term as Governor he was elected president of the Standard Warehouse company and would continue in this capacity after his second term ended in 1907.

2nd generation
2-3. Edward Barnwell Heyward, born 4/5 1826. Died 26/1 1871.
He was first married to Lucy Izard, born 26/2 1833. Died 20/6 1858. He was secondly married to Catherine Maria Clinch.

3rd generation
4-5. Charles Heyward, born 9/6 1802 in South Carolina. Died 3/3 1866. He was married to 6/1 1824 Emma Barnwell, born 30/11 1806 in Beaufort County, SC. She died 6/12 1836 in Beaufort County.

4th generation
8-9. Nathaniel Heyward, born 8/1 1766 in Charleston. Died 10/4 1851 at The Bluff Plantation. He was married to Henrietta Manigault, born 21/4 1769. Died 28/6 1827.

10-11. Col. Edward Barnwell, born16/11 1757 in Port Royal, Beaufort County, South Carolina. Died 15/4 1808 in Beaufort, Beaufort County, South Carolina. He was married 19/7 1790 at St. Helena’s Parish in Beaufort to Mary Hutson Wigg, born 1774 in South Carolina. Died 23/11 1853 in Beaufort, Beaufort County, South Carolina.

5th generation
16-17. Daniel Heyward, born 20/7 1720 in James Island. He died 11/10 1777. He was first married to Mary Miles (1727-1761). He was second married to Jane Elizabeth Gignilliat, born 23/6 1745. She died 29/8 1770. He was then married to Elizabeth Simons (1747-1788).
(Daniel is ancestor of DuBose Heyward in his first marriage)

18-19. Peter Manigault, born 10/10 1731 in Charleston. Died 12/11 1773 in London. He was married to Elizabeth Wragg, born 9/8 1736. Died 19/2 1773 in London.
He was a Charleston, South Carolina attorney, plantation owner, slave owner and colonial legislator. He was the wealthiest man in the British North American colonies at the time of his death. He was the son-in-law of Joseph Wragg, the largest slave trader of North America in the 1730s.

20-21. Nathaniel Barnwell, born 1705. Died 1775. Married 7/4 1738 in Johns Island, Charleston County, South Carolina, with Mary Gibbes, born 1722. Died 1801.
Identical to Alicia Rhett ancestors nr. 70 and 71.

22-23. Major William Hazzard Wigg, born 24/11 1746 in Beaufort County, SC. Died 20/4 1798. He married 11/5 1773 in Charleston Esther Hutson, born 1753, die 1789.

6th generation
32-33. Thomas Heyward, born ca. 1700. Died 11/3 1736/37 Married to Hester Taylor, who died 25/11 1759.

34-35. John Gignilliat. Married to Mary Magdalene Dupré.
(also ancestors of Joanne Woodward and DuBose Heyward)

36-37. Gabriel Manigault, born 21/4 1704 in Charleston. Died 5/6 1781 in London. He was married to Anne Ashby, born 10/11 1705 in Charleston. Died 24/4 1782 in Charleston.




44-45. Edward Wigg was born in Beaufort in 1715. He married Mary Hazzard in 1738. Edward was a merchant and planter, owning a 532-acre plantation on Port Royal Island and a 450- acre plantation on Okatie River. Surviving wills, plat maps and surveys have led historians to believe that the “more than 450-acre Wigg plantation on the Okatie River” was located on the north side of the river, at Wigg’s Bluff, present day Camp St. Mary’s. Part of that tract includes sections of our Oldfield.-

46-47. Rev. William Hutson, born 14/8 1720 in England. Died 11/4 1761 in Charleston, SC. He was first married 1742 to Mary Woodward, born 6/12 1717. Died 21/11 1757. She was first married to Isaac Chardon (1710-1736). William Hutson married second Mary Sarrazin Prioleau, born 1724 (daughter of Samuel Prioleau). She was first married 1744 to Hugh Bryan (1700-1753).

7th generation
64-65. Thomas Heyward, born 19/8 1673. Died 1700. Married to Margaret Wright, who died 1738.

66-67. John Taylor, Esq.

72-73. Pierre Manigault “a French Huguenot who settled in the Santee area and became a successful rice planter” and Judith Jetton-Gitton.

74-75. John Ahsby. He was married to Constantia Broughton.

88-89. Richard Wigg was the first of the family to settle in South Carolina.

92-93. Thomas Hutson, married to Esther. Thomas was chaplin at the school of Lady Huntington.

94-95. Col. Richard Woodward, born 9/7 1683 in South Carolina. Died 1725. He was married to Sarah Stanyarne, born 20/11 1690.
Source: Family of Hay by Charles Jones Colcock

8th generation
128-129. Daniel Heyward, born ca. 1640 in Derby, England. Died 1684.  immigrated to Charles Town in 1670. He is the progenitor of the Heyward family of South Carolina and is sometimes referred to as “the immigrant.”

130-131. John Wright.

150-151. Andrew Broughton of Seaton, England. He was married to Anne Overton.

188-189. Dr. Henry Woodward, born ca. 1646 in England. Died about 1686. The first permanent settler in South Carolina, 1666. Married to Mary Godfrey, born ca. 1648 in Barbados or South Carolina.
Source: Family of Hay Af Charles Jones Colcock, here.

190-191. James Stanyarne, born 1658/1661 in in Brigstock, Northamptonshire, England. Died 21/10 1703 in St. Paul’s Parish, South Carolina. Member of the South Carolina House of Commons under the Proprietary Government. Married to Rachel (? Fitch – maybe daughter of Jonathan Fitch).
Source: Family of Hay Af Charles Jones Colcock, here.

9th generation
300-301. Robert Overton, født ca. 1609 i Easington, Yorkshire i England. Han døde d. 1/12 1679. Han blev d. 28/6 1632 i St. Bartholomew The Less, London. gift med Anne Gardiner, født d. 29/6 1613 i London, England. Hun døde d. 12/1 1665. Han var soldat i den engelske hær. Han var en lærd, og han støttede Cromwell en periode: “He was a Major General and an adherent of Oliver Cromwell who appointed him Governor of Hull, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. When he could no longer support Cromwell, he became a political prisoner in the Tower of London. His wife died of cancer while he was imprisoned.
From his mother there is royal connection

378-379. Col. John Godfrey, member of the Council, and Acting Governor of the Colony. Born ca. 1630 in England. He died 12/3 1689/90). Married to Mary.
John Godfrey was on one of the first 3 ships to settle Charles Towne in 1670. He was one of those “Gentlemen and Merchants of the Island of Barbadoes” who had contributed to the fund raised to send “William Hilton, Commander, and Commissioner with Captain Anthony Long, and Peter Fabian, in the ship Adventure, which set sayle from Spikes Bay, Aug. 10, 1663,” on a voyage of discovery to the coasts of Carolina.He was always on the ruling council in the first years of the colony.
Colonel Godfrey was the Palatine’s deputy and President of the Counci 1673-1685.
Source: Family of Hay Af Charles Jones Colcock, here.

380-381. Thomas Stanyarne, born Abt. 1630 in Brigstock, Northamptonshire, England. died 17 February 1682/83 in Charles Town, South Carolina. He married about 1656 Mary Barnes Waight.

10th genereration
760-761. James Stanyarne was born Abt. 1600, and died 05 October 1670 in Brigstock, Northamptonshire, England.

762-763. Abraham Waight, born about 1615. He married Phoebe Barnes, who died in Barbados.